Status Update

2016-08-30 05:43:01 by henlp

I've been seemingly absent on this site and others, but as you know, me and heat don't equate to productivity. xP
As referenced in my latest upload, I have been posting some semi-worked doodles on Tumblr, where the sketchbook and less "final" work appears. Figured it's best to present the other platforms that I'm at, if anyone's interested:

.DeviantArt - Main gallery, submit porfolio material and more finished products;
.NEWGROUNDS (here) - Mostly items that I want community feedback from, no sketches or half-assed items;
.Tumblr - As mentioned above, sort of my digital sketchbook, where I post both the finished products and the doodles, as well as some studies;
.Facebook - Hub of sorts for all platforms. I don't like using it, so it just functions as a way to keep track of everything.

As for what I'll be doing now, for the moment I will be dedicating my time to more environment concepts for the Beyond the Pale project I've been contributing towards, so that I have more background pieces for my portfolio, and doing some character design in-between feedback from the "boss". This also means that unless I specifically say, commissions will most likely be closed in the meantime. Once I'm done with environments, I think it'll be time to sack up, and start doing something worth opening up a Patreon. No promises, and no clues, for the moment.

Hope everyone had a good Summer. Cheers.


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