Am I done with Final Fantasy Lessons?

2015-02-11 12:58:23 by henlp

NO! Hell NO!!! Of course I'm not, don't be ridiculous (I apologize for using such a click-baity title, though).

Just because I've made three comic strips for each one, doesn't mean I'm all out of ideas. On the contrary, I still have a bunch of ideas that I've written down, from random "Lessons", to more categorical ones (like the recent "is/are OP" category, which I used for an FF Tactics comic strip). And I do kind of want to try and do more of them in the future, for the games I've played, and considering that I have Shaitning Returns as one of my near-future purchases, you can expect at least three fresh lessons once I'm done with that game (since I don't own and don't have any intention of having a new-gen console in the near-future, I am unable to be excited for Type-0 or FFXV).

So it is possible that I may do a new FF Lesson comic strip every so often, and post them whenever they're done.

In the meantime, how 'bout a little commission giveaway? It's open for anyone who I've not yet given a free commission to before, and it's open here on NEWGROUNDS, on deviantArt, and on FA. It'll be involving FF Lessons, to see if anyone can do them as well. Just leave your favorite Final Fantasy game down below in the comments, for a first step, and if I get enough people interested, I'll divulge more info.

'Till the next one.


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