Entry #1

I'd like your help

2014-07-18 16:41:01 by henlp

Played Final Fantasy 4? Great! Didn't play it? That's okay too.

As you can see by giving a look in my gallery, I'm currently working on a series of comic panels entitled "Final Fantasy Lessons". And since I've not played any version of FF3, it's now time for FF4. The thing is, I played that game a few years ago, and I kind of powered through, not even giving the "After Years" part a play, so I don't remember much about the game.

So, I'd like to ask you for your opinion! I've already made up my mind on 2 of the 3 panels I do for each game, so here are some of the ideas for the third "lesson", and I'd like you to choose which one you'd like to see:

-Dragon Kings come from the Moon;
-Shoulder balls make you evil, neck balls make you good;
-Turtle Demons are masters of disguise;
-Doctor Frankenstein got screwed in Pop culture;


If you've got other ideas, I'd love to hear them! =D


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